About me

About me

Born in 1962, the path that led me to spiritual healing was windy one.

Already in my childhood, I had qualities of clairvoyance, an ability to heal, dreams and visions that I couldn’t explain. On many occasions, I foresaw situations and events.

My first profession was in the area of accounting and financial consulting and led me to found a successful interregional IT company. My inner voice, my intuition and good people skills served me well during this time. Studies of systematic transactional analysis and depth psychology led to further realisations.  

One of my areas of specialty is energetic healing with the help of crystals.

I am often asked: How do you do all this? How did you know all this? Where did you learn all these things? Which seminars and training programmes did you complete and how long did it take?

I have no training of any kind in these areas and I didn’t attend any seminars. I don’t hold any certificates, deeds or the like.

These abilities or skills were given to me by the spiritual world without any action on my part (except for tests in everyday life) and continue to be further refined and expanded. I do not work with my own powers. I am only a channel for energies from the spiritual world. So if you feel relief or experience healing, offer thanks not to me, but to God. If that’s too religious for you, then thank the source of the energy for what you experienced.